Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you a food truck or restaurant?

    1. We started as a single food truck in 2015 and have now grown to 3 Food Trucks in the Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte area with two quick-serve restaurant locations in the downtown Raleigh​ area.

  2. Will your food truck travel out of city/state for an event?​

    1. Yes, our food trucks will travel anywhere in the country for events for a travel fee based off of mileage.​

  3. What type of fish do you serve?​​​​

    1. Whiting​

  4. Do you serve any other types of fish?​

    1. We only serve whiting on our menu. We offer Chef's Specials periodically with a variety of seafoods on designated special days, but our base menu only offers whiting.

  5. Can I substitute hushpuppies for fries?

    1. Unfortunately not, however, you can add hushpuppies to any meal for $3.​

  6. What's the difference in a Single/Double/Triple/Quad?​

    1. How many different protein options you would like. Ex: Single = 1 protein option, Double = 2 **different** protein options​ Triple = 3 **different** protein options

  7. Can I double up on a protein option?​

    1. You can get a small or large for more of the same protein option.​

  8. What's the difference between a small vs large?​

    1. Small Item Quantities are: Fish = One 6-8oz filet of whiting, Shrimp = 6 Jumbo Shrimp, Calamari = 10 Rings, Scallops = 5 Scallops, Oysters = 5 Oysters, Lobster = One 5-6oz Lobster Tail​

    2. Larges are double the quantity.

  9. Can I order double shrimp?​

    1. You can order a Small Shrimp Basket for 6 Jumbo Shrimp, a Large Shrimp Basket for 12 Jumbo Shrimp (double the small portion) OR you can order a Shrimp Lover's Basket for 24 Jumbo Shrimp​ (double the Large Shrimp Basket).

  10. What's in an Oak City Basket?​

    1. Fish, Shrimp, Calamari, Scallops, Oysters all served over a bed fries, available in both small and large portion sizes.​

  11. Does lobster come in a Pick 2/3/4?​

    1. No, lobster comes in a Small (1 tail) or Large (2 tails)​ OR "Add On". For Add On lobster you can add a lobster to any meal for $12 per tail.

  12. Can I add shrimp/seafood to a basket?​

    1. You can order a double/triple/quad with any of the options on the menu, except lobster. Lobster is added on for $12 per tail.​

  13. Do hushpuppies come with every basket?​

    1. No, but you can add them to any basket for $3​

  14. Is the fish/shrimp fried in the same oil?​

    1. Yes, we fry our food in the same oils. If you have any seafood or shellfish allergies, we are unfortunately unable to serve you at this time. ​

  15. Does it cost for the food truck to come out?​

    1. Our food trucks have a $1,000 minimum. This can be paid for by the event coordinator or​ by customer preorders. If traveling more than 60 miles, there is a travel fee. You can fill out the event inquiry form HERE to invite us out and someone will call you within 24 hours.